We have worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals to address a wide spectrum of day to day issues as well as those that can only be described as “not so ordinary.”


Our transactional work focuses on helping business one deal at a time – for example:

  • If you are looking to transition the ownership of your business to the next generation, to your employees and/or to a third party we can help you get ready for and execute that with a close eye on tax efficient transitions.
  • If you want to enter a new line of business or build market share through an acquisition or capture additional margin by acquiring part of your distribution/supply chain, we can help.
  • If you are looking to form an alliance with a supplier, customer or even a competitor, we can help you structure and form that.
  • We can help structure, document and close a wide range of industry specific transactions, like EPC contracts, powergen consortium agreements, project finance agreements, AIA / construction agreements, seat/user licenses, development agreements, technical cooperation agreements, supply agreements, purchase agreements and all forms of investor and entity specific operational agreements.

Our engagements involve working with the capital markets to help businesses with funding their short and long term strategies:

  • Seed stage, angel or other early stage capital.
  • Growth stage debt and equity.
  • Transaction specific financing.
  • Company side or investor side.

We also advise businesses and investors across a broad range of areas to help them unlock value. In many cases, we find that it is critical to work either with a client’s existing professional consultants or introduce them to those we know well and have worked with for years

  • Board of directors/managers formation, operation and governance.
  • Asset protection and effective estate planning – often working closely with your wealth management firm.
  • Risk management and problem solving. Having tried cases to verdict and litigated and settled countless disputes, we bring an informed perspective to assist you when things do not go “as planned.”
  • Tax counseling. (There is a pretty good chance we are already working closely with your tax and accounting professionals).
  • Employee engagement, contracts, and incentive plans.  We work closely with HR, recruiting and compensation design professionals to implement a holistic approach and help you build the right team.
  • Succession planning.  How and when to think about “who is next” for your business.

We work with our clients to build value and defend market share while respecting that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Strategic Management of IP Assets

  • We help our partners identify, structure, negotiate and close IP deals involving all manner of IP assets.
  • We help you understand what to protect and why and how to protect it — all anchored in your product and market strategies.  We work with patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how, computer code, design rights, plans, prints, and all IP in between.
  • Our alliance with Nolte Intellectual Property Law Group (www.nolteip.com) affords our clients access to a wide range of domestic and international patent procurement services.

IP/Technology Licensing and Commercialization

  • Monetizing IP – we help companies turn IP into revenue through product development, licensing, sale, or collaboration with others.  We are aligned with the strategic consulting firm enro Bridge Partners (www.enrobridge.com) to help companies who need more “boots on the ground” to turn their IP into something more.
  • What is your IP worth? If you don’t know … you probably should.  And if you think you have an answer, how would you defend it?
  • Are you controlling IP related costs? What is the ROI of your IP program?

IP Diligence Programs

  • Buying a business?  Do you understand the IP you will be receiving? Is it worth what you are paying? What surprises await you?
  • Want to know what your competition is up to?  Do you want to know what IP your potential partners own? 

Risk Management / Landscape Studies

  • What to search for; when to search for it; and when to get an opinion.  Managing IP risks is a function of planning and execution, not happenstance.
  • You are at that tollgate where you have to spend real money on a program.  Understand the IP implications of where you are heading and how that might impact your ROI.
  • You just received a notice of possible IP infringement – what now?

Internal IP training programs.

  • Employees generate IP. Motivate, train and reward their performance.
  • And if they leave, keep your IP from walking out the door.